Essentially, I provide the same service a real estate agent would if you were to be buying a house instead of renting one. I try and make the search through the thousands of rental options in Chicago as seamless as possible. Also, this service is completely free to you!

Detailed below is the typical process that a client and I would go through to find them the perfect place:

  1. Client either fills out form on one/multiple apartments that they are interested in or fills out form on contact page.
    • Typically I will need to know the following to begin the search:
      • What size apartment that you are looking for.
      • What date you would be looking to move-in.
      • The features/amenities that you are looking for in the apartment.
      • What neighborhoods you are interested in.
      • If you have any pets. If so, I will need the breed and weight.
      • If you will need parking.
      • The budget that you are trying to stay within
  2. Then I will look through the professionally managed buildings that are available to agents (these are the apartments listed throughout this site) and I will run a search on the thousands of individually owned apartments listed on the MLS (only the actual listing agent is able to list these so you won't find these unless a search is done).
  3. After these searches are done and depending on your requirements, there should be quite a few apartments that are available to you. We will then decide which ones that you would like to see.
  4. Once we have decided on the apartments that you are interested in, we will set up a day & time to go and check them out. I will set up all of the appointments in the allotted time so all you would need to do would be to show up. If needed I am more than happy to provide transport in-between appointments. Also, you will need a government issued ID in order to tour the professionally managed buildings.
  5. Once we have toured all of the buildings that you are interested in we will decide on if any of those are right for you or will go back and see if there is anything else that would be a potential match for what you are looking for.

Here is my contact info if you have any questions about the apartments that you have seen or would like to set up an appointment to see one. 




You can fill out the form to send me any questions that you have. 




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